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Complex Roof Progressing Well at Oisin House

Date added: 31 Jan 2020

We are delighted with how the complex roof work is progressing at Oisín House, the new student accommodation for Trinity College Dublin.  There are three interconnected buildings in the development, each with a unique form of roof construction.   The roof structures are multi pitched and multi-faceted with the roof pitches springing from third, fourth and fifth floor levels. 

Works on roof 1 commenced last April and currently we have works in progress at different stages on each roof. 

On roof 1, the warm roof build up and secondary stone support steel is complete, and fixing of roof stone on the 14 different roof planes of roof 1 is 70% complete. Each team of two is fixing on average 10 stones per day.  Roof 1 stone is expected to be complete by the end of February.

The warm roof build up on roof 2 was completed on 10th January and currently fixing of stone support steel is 60% complete.  Our stone sub-contractor is preparing to commence fixing stone on roof 2 this week.

On Roof 3 the warm roof build up is in progress and the steepest slopes will be the last two to be weathered.  Additional access platforms are required to provide access for the roofers to stand and complete their work.

The main challenge for the team has been the provision of safe access for the various trades to work on the steep slopes.  Numerous workshops were held with all stakeholders to identify solutions and in the end a scaffold design was developed for a light duty access platform fixed to the main scaffold with the loads transferred to the secondary support steel.

Works are progressing at steady pace each day and the team is focused on the completing the project this Summer. 

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